We Are Different

FitLife Fresno Serves Seniors Differently


Our Standard of Exercise and Fitness

Our model of health is based off of what you can realistically achieve, not what you see on the magazine covers. There is always potential in every client that we can draw out through a slower process of getting fit. We like to call it the "snowball effect". As you put a few pieces of snow together, then roll them down a hill with snow, it will eventually get bigger and start moving faster. That's how we approach your fitness. Basically, we start off with getting a base line of where you are currently at in your health, then progress with the intention of increasing your fitness gradually. You wont be sore after the first workout and you wont quit either! We start slower and build up to you pushing yourself at a much higher pace. This is the safest way to prevent injury and maximize your results.


We Come to You

We pride ourselves on being able to travel to our clients homes. We appreciate and cherish the relationships we build with our clients. Being able to workout and focus on your fitness from the comfort of your home will make the process all the more enjoyable for you. You wont have to worry about travel, gas or waiting at gyms for machines. You get all the benefits you need for training, in your home.



Timothy has spent the better half of the last decade training, stretching, and changing lives of seniors on a one on one basis. He has honed his skill set to maximize the benefits of Fitlife Fresno for his clients. Focusing on all the aspects of the aging body, and putting his knowledge to use, has stopped injury and prolonged needing a Walker or assisted walking devices for many of his clients. He has a uniquely gifted perspective on the aging body and can make your quality of life better.


Fall Prevention

Our programs incorporate Balance and Mobility into every session. It doesn't matter if you have lost your sense of balance or just need to maintain what you have, with FitLife Fresno, you will be able to increase and maintain your Balance and Mobility. Using many practices developed by Dr. Rose, who created the nationally recognized Fallproof program, Tim can help you prevent falls and damage that would occur subsequently. Fitlife Fresno aims to help our senior community experience less falls associated with age and prescription medication.


Protection of the Spine

One of the parts of the body that is prone to injury is the spine. We make sure to protect the spine during each work out and flexibility session. That's why our clients with degenerative disks, herniated disks, and scoliosis all enjoy the training. They are protected.


Injury Prevention

As a senior fitness trainer and a physical therapy aid, my task has always been to protect the joints, prevent muscle strain, and protect my clients from pushing to hard. There is a balance to effective training, and we have come very close to it.



Our mission is to provide clients with the best training they possibly can get. One of the ways we make sure that this happens is by listening to the concerns, thoughts and fears of our clients. They are not afraid to speak up and rightly so. We are able to get a better sense of how to serve by taking the time to listen.



Fitlife Fresno has developed a way of training the helps you build a solid routine for health and wellness. The times and dates in which you train, and the program that you do on your own, will help you establish a fitness routine, even if fitness has never been a part of your life.

These unique aspects of FitLife Fresno make us stand out, but the only thing that matters, is them bringing value to your life. You will be happy when you see how easy we can make life.