Who We Are

FitLife Fresno is also Fresno's first In-Home Senior Fitness Company designed specifically for those over 50. We provide effective Fitness, Exercise Therapy, Balance, Mobility, and Flexibility programs that help you stay active and capable of doing daily tasks in your home, as well as helping you enjoying the activities that you love. Our bodies behave in many different ways as we age, and we understand them.  Our Degree Certified Personal Trainer will come to your home, provide professional training, and assist you with stretching in each session of the program you sign up for. Our trainer will help you stay active and mobile and help you progress with your goals in such a way that reduces and eliminates injury, strain on joints, and will make you confident in your results.

Our Degree Certified Trainer

Hello, My name is Timothy Greene. I Graduated from Fresno State in 2010 with my Bachelors of Science in Personal Training. I have since completed many certification courses and have been certified in neuromuscular stretching. I have built training programs and have implimented new strategies to increase work force productivity and to help companies provide incentives to their employee's to maximize their efforts. I am thankful that I get to come along side companies and bring value to the table.


When it comes to seniors, my desire is to help seniors regain and maintain a higher quality experience of living. I know it is hard to maintain routine and consistency when it comes to physical fitness and overall health. I know It’s hard to be comfortable in doing daily activities, when you feel like you are losing your balance or feel like you are going to fall. I know it’s hard to find trustworthy information online about exercise and nutrition. When it comes to these aspects of health, it’s hard for anyone, but I have found that for seniors, they are even more difficult. That is what I aim to do. My mission is to provide routine and consistency, help you regain and maintain your balance and provide trustworthy information and guidance to help you experience your life fuller. I am grateful that I get to help those who haved helped so many in the past.

Our Values

  • Honesty

  • Fellowship

  • Perseverance

  • Family

Knowledge and Experience

Personal Training

Personal Training

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Balance and Mobility

Balance and Mobility

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Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

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Area's of Wisdom

Lifetime Fitness and Wellness

Prevention of chronic diseases.

Foundation of Sport Exercise Psychology

Fitness Development

Conditioning and Resistance Training Techniques

Human Structure and Function: Applications to Kinesiology

Motor Learning

Fallproof Training

Fundamentals of Biomechanics

Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology

Body Composition: Theories, Principles and Management

Structural Biomechanics

Strength Training

Nutrition and Health: Realities and Controversies

Weight Training

Balance and Mobility Training

Nueromuscular Stretching